Monday, 6 January 2014

Comparison & Review: Nars, Dior and Mac foundations

So today I wanted to make a review about these three foundations and compare them. Give you my opinion of them and talk about which one worked best for me. I will be talking about the coverage they give and whether or not i think they are worth it for the prices they are retailed for. 

Mac Matchmaster

So this foundation is a medium buildable coverage, it is ment to be a moisturizing demi-matte finish, with an SPF 15. Honestly this foundation glides on beautifully on the skin especially if your skin is edging onto the dry side. it gives my skin a glowy look and the coverage is buildable if you keep applying more on the areas you would most likely to cover. The demi-matte finish gives a beautiful natural finish and the foundation lasts you all day, it retails at twenty seven pounds and its a great investment as it lasts a long time. I've had mine for less than a year and its still going strong. For me compared to the other two the colour is more yellow based which matches me perfect in the summer but doesn't match my winter skin when am more paler. All in all i would give it a thumbs up as i don't find it drying to my skin in the slightest and the look it gives me is flawless. 

Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation

Dior claim that this foundation should compliment all skin types, its hydrating and that it has a satin finish , however i didn't find it moisturizing and personally i didn't feel like it glided onto my skin like my nars and mac do. However I do find that it lasts all day on my skin and it does cover all my imperfections. It has a Factor 25 SPF and the bottle does last as you don't need that much for it to cover when you apply it to your skin. This foundation is retailed at thirty two pounds and it was brought from house of fraser. For the price it gives, i don't see anything that luxurious about it but the bottle it comes in and the name. 

Nar's Sheer Glow 

Hand on my heart this is my favourite foundation, it matches my skin beautifully and the coverage is medium but also buildable. The foundation is for people who have normal, dry and normal to dry skin types which is perfect for me. It gives a beautiful natural finish and it allows my skin to breath. It covers my imperfections really well and gives me a glow, My skin looks brighter and more radiant. Although this foundation doesn't have an SPF it is definatly worth the price at thirty pounds, fifty. Apparently it contains powerful anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals and turmeric extract to improve skins radiance and tone. It is also fragrance free which for some people is a plus. 

I hope I have helped you out with picking your next foundation, let me know your opinions on these foundation if you have tried any of them.

thanks for reading 

Jasmine x 

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