Monday, 27 January 2014

review and thoughts- Desio contact lenses

Sorry for the neglect but I've been having a few deadlines at uni, but am back and i want to share with you my thoughts on my new contact lenses from Desio.

ok so you have never heard of Desio before? let me tell you they are known to be the rolls royce of contact lenses made in italy, they have created a line of beautiful coloured contact lenses for BOTH men and women. they can be both non prescription and prescription and are specifically made for people with dark eyes. I purchased the colour 'Forest green' because I have always wanted to see whether that colour would suit me. They cost about thirty nine euros which is approximately thirty three pounds fifty. 

 The positives:
 Ok so it came in a rose gold box packaging, neatly presented. with a booklet of all the colours they have. I felt like the contact lenses were more comfortable then ones that i have tried in the past, when wearing it for 8 hours I felt like my eyes were not itchy in the slightest. I didn't have any blurred vision when wearing it and the colour was phenomenal, a beautiful rich deep green colour. shipping and delivery is free also. 

So it doesn't come with a contact lenses case, you have to buy it from elsewhere because they don't even sell it on their website. They also don't sell contact lense solution, which is also disappointing. Delivery takes about 2-3 weeks which you can't really complain about because it is free. 


brown eyes (natural eye colour)


Desio contact lenses - forest green

Desio contact lenses - forest green

All in all am happy with these contact lenses and I would like to purchase "dessert dream" next. They are worth the money and i love the beautiful deep green colour.

you can get these from the website at:

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